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Welcome to eSecureDocs Support

Support Questions?  Email us at


See User Guides and Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to our most commonly asked questions.   

User Guides

See User Guides For Assistance: 

How to Set Up an Account 

How to Get Started

How to Upgrade your Plan 

How to Create a Document 

Getting Started

See Instructional Videos for how to get Started 

How to Store (Archive) a Document or File in eSecureDocs 












Create a Document in eSecureDocs

Create Templates in eSecureDocs

e-Sign a Document in eSecureDocs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, simply sign up here.   After signing up, you will be automatically placed into the Pro (free) plan. 


View the eSecureDocs plans here.  To upgrade to the Pro Plus + or VIP Plan, simply hit the Upgrade button at the top right of your screen next to your profile.


I didn't receive an email to collaborate?  What should I do?

Check your spam folder.  The request for signature or collaboration will sometimes go to a spam folder.  

If the email did not go to a spam folder, ask the document creator to check if they added you to collaborate on the document.  


I clicked on the document link and it is no longer valid.  What should I do?

After 30 days, the link to collaborate on a document will no longer be valid.  This is to ensure the security of the eSecure Docs Platform.  You will need to request the sender to send another document.  


I completed my document and want to edit it now.

Completing the document locks the document and the document will only be allowed in read-only format.  You will need to create a new document. 


Still Need Help?

Contact us at and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.  

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