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Upload your templates into eSecureDocs and manage them all in one place.  Easily share templates with your team and automate your document process. 

Collaboration & Real-Time Editing

Easily Share & Collaborate with one or multiple users.  Add or remove users at any time throughout the editing process.  Red-line your changes or add comments to the document.  

Create Documents

Easily create documents from your templates, by uploading a document or by using a blank sheet. Send multiple documents at one time to one or multiple users.  Phone number or email address needed to send them a document. 


Add legally binding signatures to your document

Secure Storage

Unlimited Secure Storage for your documents.  Log in and see your document at anytime.  No more need to keep printed copies or  copies offline in another storage system.  


Our Cyber Security Experts built in 3 layers of protection to the Platform.


Receive  notifications throughout the document process and complete documents faster!

Document History

See the history of your document to easily pass audits or check the status of a document.

Due Dates

Add a due date when sending a document for collaboration or when sending a document for signature 


Send your document for approval and complete the document process faster.

Mobile Friendly

Easily complete the document process from any device, anywhere.

My Contacts

Easily add your contacts onto eSecureDocs so you can easily work with them on documents and forms.


Easily join a group and get access to their templates.  Join multiple groups and have all of your documents on one platform.  

Market Place

Easily share your templates on our marketplace. Find templates. uploaded by our users on our marketplace.  

Convert to PDF

Easily convert a paper document to PDF.  Take a photo of your paper document, upload the photo as a new document, then complete the document.  

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