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Recruiters & HR Managers
A Document Management Solution that works for you.  
Job interview

Sign Candidates Faster

On the Job

Find candidates and send them a right to represent contract 

Fill roles quickly

Send, approve, sign & store forms

Keep up with Paperwork
Easily Complete & eSign these popular documents  

Popular HR Forms

Recruitment Agreement

Right to Represent Contract 

Return to Work Form

Employee Incident Report Form 

Exit Interview Form

Time Off Request Form

Employee Information Forms

Job Application Forms


Create, Share, eSign, Store Documents on the Job with eSecureDocs. 

eSecureDoc's Features include

- My Templates - Upload your Templates or use ours! 

- Create a document - From your templates, upload a document or use a blank doc

- Add Collaborators - Add a person to edit and complete your document

- Notify Complete - Notification sent once collaborator finished editing the document

- Send your Document for eSignature (if needed)

- Store your documents - Documents stored for easy access
                                                 -  Search to find documents quickly

- Document History to easily pass audits
- Secure -  eSecureDocs was developed by cyber security experts
                   -   We developed 3 layers of security into the Platform  

- Mobile Friendly so you can actually use the tool! 

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