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eSecure Docs Overview

Create, Collaborate, Sign & Store Documents - all in one platform

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Easily Create and Share a Document 

Easily Create a Document with our simple 3 steps.  

Step 1:  Name the Document

Step 2:  Add Collaborators 

(Through Email or Phone Number)

Step 3:  Select Document(s)  

- Select your template(s) to send

- Upload a document to send

- Use a blank document to collaborate

Send one or a multiple documents! 

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Collaboratively Edit Documents in Minutes!

Once a document is created, edit it with ease where ever you are.  If you are invited to collaborate on a document, complete your edits on the document.  

Click 'Notify Completion' to let the Document Creator know you finished your edits.

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Complete your Document 

When Document Editing is finished, Click 'Complete Without Signature'.  

This completes the Document Process and allows all parties to download a PDF or Word Copy of the Document.  

Want to Add a Signature?

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 Click 'Next'  to send the Document to Signature


Learn more about our eSignature Features! 

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